Unable to verify the "Claim your Bitcoin Pioneer Pass" task on Galxe

Despite having staked sBitcoin and claiming the Bitcoin Pioneer Pass, I am still unable to verify the task on Galxe. I am really confused as to what to do.

When I checked the details of the task on Galxe it shows that the list of those who have completed task have not been updated since 27th February 2024.
So, I would like to beg the team to please update the list.

This is my address: 0x205f134963C580ee38D5F799c236EF3346E090eC


Thats my problem alway…how to claim please help us​:pensive::pray:

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Me, too


Is as third EVM now in Galxe, I imported seed in new MM, but the Task does not complete…don´t know what to do

i need your help unable to verify the cliam your bitcoin pionner pass en galxe
send picture the my account en X
this es my wallet ein galxe
Captura de pantalla 2024-03-01 170052

I have claimed poineer pass but unable to verify it on galxy quest and unble to claim babylon beacon series 2 nft…
my evm address is 0x1cC4AA6689a2930DeF7d88703E3D777F6065aa69

I need help, I can’t claim/verify my Bitcoin pioneer pass on Galxe
My evm wallet

As for now, the Series 2 at Galxe is gone…maybe the team at Galxe/Babylon is working on it?