Feedback for faucet and stake

I have successfully finished the testnet. But faucet and stake very late.

The faucet took forever to give me the requested token. But I guess that is understandable due to the demand. After receiving the token, the staking process went smooth.


too slow to get faucet , successfully staked

  1. Easy to use and very Intuitive :heart_eyes:
    2.It would be great,that user can have option to disconnect the wallets from the page.
  2. The confirmation process is a bit lagging.
    4.The testing process is very encouraging.

Yes, faucet was a little slow but staking was nice and smooth, i just wish they used something other than okx, wallet is so inconvenient and annoying to use.

Getting the faucet was not easy, but the staking is very easy and simple