Signet BTC Staking and faucets

Just got here last night and used the Testnet today this afternoon. I’ve got to say the faucets were the only slight hurdle as I had to add them in Discord myself, (even though they already appear to be active), after which the testnet coins came through nice and swiftly with less than a minute’s delay. The project is very large and I fought through to get to the testnet link and the medium article explaining how it’s done. Testnet was pretty straightforward and medium article made it a smooth learning experience - when I came to stake some signet BTC it was easy as eating apple pie and I staked 0.0003 BTCs right there and then. Now, the 3 screens that came after I began to stake my coins were a little hard to understand, but they have something to do with the unstaking options etc…?? I will read up on that, but for now the synposis is good, - a very smooth staking protocol and transaction was very easy to make. I will try and understand those last screens better through the medium and will be back for make delicious stake err staking testnet tokens sonon!..

Terrific project, and easy to use!

Regards, Sandcat


Lovely though it was a bit confusing for me

Just keep reading and asking questions in the Discord - that’s the best way to stay with the pace…