Feed back Testnet to Babylon chain staking

Staking was smooth. But what it with the overflow


staking was smooth with a lovely interface


i hope there won’t be overflow again)

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Cap 3 is going smooth. waiting for activation :nerd_face:

staking is so eazy just faucet is very slowly

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Testnet not corfirm , 3 hour , how long ???

Staking successfully done.
lets do Mainnet

Staking successfully done. thanks
loooking forward for next

Staking go fast and no problem.

gas time long long ago many time

The staking was seemingly done. Wonderful experience.

could not stake for a while cause the custom gas option was not working for a while I hope it doesn’t yake long to be confirmed though

A good experience it was realy smooth

Stake was very seamless and smoothe with a nice user interface,

make it easier to select finality provider, scrolling with the mouse wheel takes long

staking was smooth with a good experience

The experiance was smooth… I liked the platform

Staking was faster this time no glitches too

Very smooth experience, Babylon to the moon!!

staking error,faucet error or validator error