Testnet 4 staking feedback in staking

I staked the sbtc but it does not worked. It always shows pendding.


staking takes few hours… but finally it works, not bad for testnet phase


Very great experience so far.
Thank you babylonians

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9 out of 10 attempt fails, why is that?

my staking its still pending

very good very smooth

This test was quite smooth, so I think it was very good, but I think it is a difficult UI for people like us who have not touched crypto to some extent, even if you look at the manual. It might be better to have a design that pops a little more and makes it more intuitive.

Hi, How to complete testnet task 4?
Thanks sir!

So easy to use, easier than several other platforms. The problem is that it took too long to start the confirmations and make you think something is not working. After the first validation it took 5 min to have 15 other.

good cvdfv dg fdfg fd gdgeee

I did stake sbtc yesterday but can’t claim the task on galxe

Hello, I made a bet on the test network and everything worked out

I finally got the steak the second time. The first time everything was crowded. It’s a very big problem to get tokens from the faucet